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 GSMSecureCall SecureCall v1.0 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x

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PostSubyek: GSMSecureCall SecureCall v1.0 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x    3/7/2010, 07:40

GSMSecureCall SecureCall v1.0 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x
This software provides two modules which
are wrapped into one powerful
Secure Call: Encrypted Calls over a
CSD/HSCSD line (EDGE Supported)
Secure SMS: Encrypted SMS

Software Highlights
Encryption : 256 bit encryption
Delay : Less than 1.5 seconds.
Key or Initializing Vector : Provided by
the end user
Channel : CSD, HSCSD or EDGE
Excellent Voice quality
Integrated with Phone book
Detailed Logs
Key Management:
User can change keys by themselves,
without any restrictions on number of
time or for them to contact us. Complete
control at all times.
Keys are not exchanged at any time
during the call set up or handshaking
thus ensuring that no one, including the
network provider can listen to the
The software and call logs are password
protected so that no one can view the
calling activity when they have access
to the handset.
Secure call logs are not viewable in the
normal call registry of the phone.
Product Highlights
A 100% software solution that enables
two users from anywhere in the world to
talk and send SMS over an encrypted Line
using any GSM network that supports Data
call (CSD/HSCSD) facility. The software,
Secure Call requires to be installed on
user’s handsets, along with a
Secret Key entered by all users. If the
key is not entered correctly the secure
calls will not be established.
After installation the user can access
the software from the Main Menu of the
phone to place secure calls to other
users. To place the call the user needs
to enter the normal phone number of the
caller from the dialer screen. To send
secure SMS, the user needs to send an
SMS from within the application that
will be encrypted and send over the GSM
When an encrypted call or SMS is sent to
the other handset, the software checks
for the correct keys on both ends and
then initiates a 256 bit encrypted call.
Instant Secure Communication
This application ensures that
information can be sent from anywhere in
the world to headquarters within a few
seconds. Some information requires to be
sent instantaneously and requires an
instant reaction. With Secure Call, a
simple call is to be placed to HQ and a
conversation can take place to aid
instant decision making.
Non Tapping Solution
The data transferred over the GSM
networks is encrypted, where the users
can be assured that no one will be able
to listen in. Users need not be bothered
of who is listening into their
conversations, as they are over a data
line which is heavily encrypted. At no
point is any data sent over a voice
channel or is in clear text type
The Secret Keys can be changed by users
at any time, to ensure that keys cannot
be hacked by a listening party. The
Secret keys can be entered by the users
at any time, and it will be reflected on
the next call. Even if a key is
compromised, changing the key regularly
will help in maintaining a high level of
security. It is also important to note
that none of the keys are exchanged
during a Secure Call. Instead the keys
are matched locally on the phone, thus
ensuring further key protection.
Prying Eyes
Incase someone picks up your phone, they
cannot view the SMS and Secure Call
activity, as it is not available in the
normal SMS Inbox or in the Normal Call
logs of the phone. The logs are
maintained within the application which
can only be access via a password
Product Requirements:
Symbian Series 60 Handset
1 Mb of free space of both handsets
Secure Call and SMS software on both
CSD/HSCSD support (to enable this
support, call your GSM network provider)
GSM Network (does not work on CDMA)
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GSMSecureCall SecureCall v1.0 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x
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